The Chore of Meal Planning

Who hates the weekly choir of meal planning! The weekly chore of meal planning and shopping is quite the exhausting, well for me anyways! I DREAD IT!! From figuring out what to eat each day and then off to deal with the grocery store Sunday crowds. Thankfully my husband helps with the cooking about three to four times a week due to my work schedule and commute home, so our menu planning is a joint effort. So I am not in this alone. Trying to prevent redundancy, I will search high and low for recipes. I switch from Dinner Spinner … Continue reading The Chore of Meal Planning

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Grief, what does it feel like?

I will never forget the day when my dad was given an expiration date. We didn’t know how long we had, we were told 6 month to 5 years. At the very moment, I realize we were on a journey, which I call “the gift of time”. Every moment I had with my dad, was a gift. Time with spent with anyone you love is a gift but I think it becomes more apparent when someone is ill and given a prognosis. I spent as much time with my dad as I could. I managed all my dads health care … Continue reading Grief, what does it feel like?

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Mini vanilla Bundt cakes with lemon frosting

This post may contain affiliate links. As an Amazon affiliate, I earn from qualifying purchases. I receive a small commission at no cost to you when you make a purchase using my link. I absolutely love sweets and wanted to try to make mini Bundt cakes. Outside of crafting, I also love to bake and cook. Now who doesn’t love Pinterest! Pinterest is my go to place for recipes and craft ideas. I was craving something sweet but with a hint of sour, so I began to search for a lemon frosting for my mini Bundt cake idea. I think … Continue reading Mini vanilla Bundt cakes with lemon frosting